Rigger Belt


Small/Medium fits waist size 30" - 35.5"

S/M Outer Belt Length: 38 3/4”

S/M Inner Belt Length: 37 1/4”

S/M Belt Weight: 0.7 lbs

Medium/Large fits waist size 34.5" - 43"

M/L Outer Belt Length: 49 1/4”

M/L Inner Belt Length: 37 1/4”

M/L Belt Weight: 0.8 lbs

BLACK TIDE CONCEPTS Tactical Riggers Belt

Forged for the indomitable & crafted to match the unwavering strength of those who rely on them, our tactical riggers belts are designed to excel in field duty, operations training, and extreme outdoor challenges. Designed by a former navy seal, our utility belts men and women are SPECIAL OPS APPROVED.


Crafted from reinforced nylon webbing with a heavy-duty, solid metal buckle, this is the strongest and most reliable tactical belt you'll find. From police duty, search and rescue missions, combat training, and war to fishing, hiking, hunting, climbing, shooting, our utility belts are built to endure rugged use and will stand up to the rigors of intense activities.


Extra stiff double layer construction supports a wide range of firearms without bending, sagging, or folding over. Securely attach your IWB holster and confidently carry your handgun with ease. Whether you prefer concealed or open carry, our pistol belt is the ultimate choice for those that need to stay mission ready.


With the ability to convert into a tie down, carry strap, or tactical harness, multi-purpose riggers belt is built to excel in every situation. From carrying everyday tools for electricians, utility workers, and outdoor enthusiasts to securing safety equipment for security guards, law enforcement, policemen, EMTs, and military officers, our belt serves as the perfect work or adventure companion.


The Velcro hook and loop system ensures that the running end of the belt stays cinched and securely fastened, eliminating the risk of slipping. Without pre-cut holes or notches, this rigger belt provides a custom fit for any waste size ranging from 28-51 IN. Simply order the size that fits your standard pant size.


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