Tegris Battle Belt



Small/Medium fits waist size 30" - 35.5"

S/M Outer Belt Length: 38 3/4”

S/M Inner Belt Length: 37 1/4”

S/M Belt Weight: 0.7 lbs

Medium/Large fits waist size 34.5" - 43"

M/L Outer Belt Length: 49 1/4”

M/L Inner Belt Length: 37 1/4”

M/L Belt Weight: 0.8 lbs

The BLACK TIDE CONCEPTS 2" Tegris Battle Belt

Extreme Comfort & Durability

Made from premium Tegris thermoplastic with heavy-duty nylon webbing, this tactical battle belt system provides ultimate comfort and stability for every mission, duty patrol, hunting expedition, or trip to the range.

It's lightweight and flexible enough to move with you while providing rigid support that distributes weight evenly and won't sag or shift, ensuring your gear is always secure.

Unmatched Versatility

MOLLE-compatible design delivers well-balanced weight distribution to comfortably carry essential gear. Securely attach pouches, handcuffs, weapon holsters, mag pouches, medical bags, or survival supplies to our specialized belt.

Easily Adjustable

The dual-belt system is fully adjustable for a custom fit that offers comfortable, reliable support. Wear the 1" inner velcro belt through your belt loops and securely attach the 2" heavy-duty outer belt. The rapid-release metal buckle on this sturdy rigging belt ensures maximum security while enabling quick donning and doffing.

Stay mission-ready with tactical gear from BLACKTIDE CONCEPTS. Designed by a Navy Seal veteran, this durable battle belt system is built to last through every battle.


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NOTE: Price includes Tegris Battle Belt ONLY! All other products and pouches seen in the picture are not included with the belt purchase. SOME SOLD SEPARATELY

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